With certain levels of restrictions expected to still be in place throughout the month of December, a lot of us will have a bit more time on our hands than usual.

So, why not use this time to get creative with your favourite festive tipple!

A mulled gin and tonic is the perfect winter warmer that is guaranteed to get you in the Christmassy spirit.

To make a mulled gin and tonic, you firstly need to make mulled apple juice.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first step to making your gin and tonic with a twist.

This is a super quick and easy recipe from BBC Good Foods:


1 litre of apple juice (ideally not from concentrate) 

Strips of orange peel 

1 cinnamon stick (plus extra to garnish) 

3 cloves 

Sugar or honey (to taste)


Simmer the apple juice with the strips of orange peel, cinnamon stick and cloves for about 5-10 mins until all the flavours have infused. 

Sweeten to taste.

Serve each drink with a little orange peel and a piece of cinnamon stick, if you like.

… And now for the best part, it’s GIN time!

Once you have made your mulled apple juice, take it off the heat whilst you measure up your gin.

You are going to need to a dry gin of your choice and tonic syrup.

Here at The Gin Kitchen, we recommend The Botanist gin.

The Botanist gin works perfectly in this recipe because of its mint, coriander, apple and botanicals undertones.


30ml dry gin

1 tsp of tonic syrup 


Gently reheat your mulled apple juice until it is hot (but not boiling!)

Combine gin and tonic syrup separately 

Pour G & T mixture into a heat proof glass and top with the mulled apple juice 

Garnish with cranberries and a cinnamon stick for an extra kick of flavour 

Recipe credit to Little Sugar Snaps. 

We understand that mulled wine is a Christmas favourite, however this year is going to be different so let’s create new traditions.

This mulled G & T recipe will make you want to light the fire, get your favourite pyjamas on and watch a Christmas classic.

Or with enough gin it might have you dancing around the kitchen singing ‘Oh I wish it could be Christmas everydayyyyy.’

Either way this drink is guaranteed to give you a good time.

Plus, the mulled apple juice recipe on its own is perfect for children and those who do not drink alcohol.

A win, win!

Let us know what you think of this sweet treat over on our social media!

From everyone at The Gin Kitchen, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price

Ginspiring Content Creator