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The Lakes Gin

This weeks #MiniatureMonday features our North of England friends at The Lakes Distillery. The Lakes Gin comes from Cumbria where Paul Currie, the original founder of the distillery restored a Victorian cattle farm into a world-class production facility of quality...

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Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Tonic

Our next #TonicTuesday this week featured Franklin & Sons Rhubarb with Hibiscus dual-flavoured Tonic Water. About the Brand; Franklin & Sons products were first introduced in 1886 and the Franklin brothers quickly established themselves as experts in creating...

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Loch Ness Gin Review

This weeks #GinReview is on the lovely Scottish Loch Ness Gin. Kevin and Lorien Cameron-Ross, owners and founders of Loch Ness Spirits, have family ties to the Loch Ness area and the Highlands stretching back over 500 years, launching their Gin in August 2016. The...

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National Puppy Day

Observed each year on March 23rd is National Puppy Day, the day was created to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.  This year has been extra special for Chloe who is still learning the puppy ropes with Duke. He was born on 10th...

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British Polo Gin

Tonight’s proudly British hand crafted, small batch gin is from an organic distillery in West Wales, bottled up as British Polo Gin. Using only the best ingredients, it’s 100% organic (certified by The Soil Association) & quadruple distilled which creates a really...

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Warner Edwards

We’re enjoying another local(ish) Northamptonshire Gin, created by best friends Sion Edwards & Tom Warner. Their distillery is set in a family barn in the heart of Harrington and all their botanicals are sourced or grown within the farm itself. We had the...

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Boxer Gin

Our next #GinTasting Review is on the Himalayan inspired Boxer Gin, one of Chloe’s favourites! In the words of the founder, Mark Hill ‘the concept for this gin was simple: to create the finest, classical style gin possible, using the best ingredients and most advanced...

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Twisting Spirits

This week’s gin comes courtesy of Gloucestershire based Twisting Spirits who got our attention from the minute we spotted their bottle! Bold, blocky & very clever in the detail, the bottles are shaded to represent the quantities and flavours within. We started to...

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Burleighs Gin

Our next Gin Tasting review is on the lovely Burleighs Gin. Having first met at their wonderful Gin School back in June 2017, Liam kindly showed us through their distilling process before we were lucky enough to sample their range. Nestled deep in the Charnwood...

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